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This page links to a few favorite pieces of my work - interactive elements, writing samples, instructional design, instructional innovations, and more.

Also - please peruse recommendations for my work.


Articulate Storyline Samples Articulate Storyline Samples - I'm learning more and more ways to make Articulate Storyline create the looks, feels, and interactive elements I need. I'll grow this sampling as I learn and build more.
Physician Documentation Videos Physician Documentation Videos - "...if you don't document it, it didn't happen, and we don't get paid for it..." so I sat physician leaders down in front of the camera to share (in bite-sized form) their knowledge and experience with the rest of our doctors.
First Aid Interactive First Aid Interactive - one of my favorite simulations, as it guides and instructs as the learner chooses correct and incorrect actions.
Explosives Safety Interactive Explosives Safety Interactive - in essence, it's a multi-choice quiz, but with some physicality in it to emphasize the importance of distance.
Rapid ISD Presentation Rapid ISD Workflow Presentation - When full-fledged ADDIE turned into a speedbump that got in the way of successful collaborations, I looked to compress the process and socialize a more efficient process for turning my clients' ideas into effective learning experiences and getting the instruction in front of learners.
OHS Magazine Article OHS Magazine Article - "Keeping Engagement High and Bandwidth Low" appeared in Occupational Safety & Health Magazine in January, 2003.
GCPLearning Blog GCPLearning Blog - my thoughts on instructional design, social networking, training, etc; used as a marketing tool for Global Collaboration Partners.
"3G" Course Design Manifesto "3G" Course Design Manifesto - a description and justification I wrote for a major turning point in course design at my previous employer, TrainingOnline.

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