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Below are a few recommendations I've received on LinkedIn from people I worked with in the past.
Kevin F. Preston, PhD  
Executive Development Leader
Trinity Health

was my former boss, as Director of Learning Effectiveness at CHI
“Greg is a great learning strategy thinker and a great person to work with. Greg jumped into his projects and figured out all of the things that needed to happen to improve performance - often times in innovative and efficient ways. He also was a joy to be around.”  
Vickie Hall, MSN, RN  
National Cardiovascular Service Line Invasive Cardiology Manager
Catholic Health Initiatives

was my internal client and Subject Matter Expert for a critical eLearning project

"As a Senior Learning Consultant for Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), Greg provided great value to many projects that were left to his charge. One project in particular was the completion of a very important educational component for our National Patient Safety Organization (PSO). In my position as Manager for the National Cardiovascular Service Line and Project Manager for the PSO I had the opportunity to get to know Greg very well.

Some people stand out for their great qualities and Greg is one of those people. He is well known for his intelligence, work ethic, timeliness, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, and diligence. He is well respected by his peers and throughout the organization for being a leader and “go-to” person.

Greg’s integrity is without question. He does what he says and no commitment is left unfulfilled. A few things that allowed him to perform at a high level are his work ethic, leadership skills, ability to community clearly, ability to build trust, and the ability to create clear objectives and guidelines.

Greg has a “can do” attitude that brings out the best in everyone that he works with. In closing let me say that I would have no hesitation in recommending Greg to work for your organization. I feel that he would be a great asset and better the team around him.”

Lisa Chapin
Master Change Agent 
Catholic Health Initiatives

collaborated on critical learning projects with me  
“I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Greg on a large, complex project for CHI. It is rare that you have the chance to work with someone so multifaceted and talented in their discipline. Greg is a consummate professional who instinctively knows how to use the right tool to the get the job done – and do it well.

Greg’s attention to detail and passion for the work is inspirational; his ability to use humor to put others at ease and lessen the tension is a true gift, but his dedication to the mission and initiative is a testament to his character. Greg’s skills and gifts as a leader and co-worker are an asset to our team and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”  



Lonnie Chu
Online Content Manager 
Syracuse Language Systems

has been my longtime collaborator, co-presenter, and cheerleader  
“Greg has that rare combination of high intellectual and emotional IQ. He's one of those Internet old-timers who understands distance learning and online communication from a deeply human and practical perspective. From start to finish, every project is done with great creativity, attention to detail, on-time delivery and an overall excellent experience for the client. Of all the people I have worked with over the years, Greg would be my top choice as a co-worker on any project.”  



Trupti Chaturvedi  
Sr. Project Manager
Jasubhai Digital Media

led projects I outsourced while working at TrainingOnline
“It has been a enriching experience working with Greg as a client/business partner. His qualities like clarity of communication, neat articulation of business needs, excellent business skills, knowledge & experience and above all a very understanding human being made him the star customer in my organisation back then.”  
Johnny Levy
Instructional Design Coordinator

was my right-hand man at TrainingOnline
“I loved working for Greg, and I'll tell you why -- it's because of his character as a human being. Forget business for a second -- because one's business life is only an extension of one's person. In my experience. Greg is dependable, sincere, and an effective leader. He is also a man of vision, and one of these people who keeps growing and moving forward rather than becoming complacent and stagnating. The bottom line is this -- when I worked for Greg, he took care of me and took responsibility for me. I was a brand new, entry level employee at a software/technology company. Many of the skills I have learned between then and now began with Greg's focused, patient teaching. He spent time teaching me, not because he had to, but because he loves to teach and knows how to take care of people. There were times when he was teaching me, and I was learning, and he probably didn't even know it! I always had confidence that Greg would fulfill what he consented to do. Even when the company we worked for, TrainingOnline, was going out of business, I feel that Greg did his best, to the very end, to make sure his employees would have every possible advantage to get into their next job. To sum up, Greg is a gifted teacher and visionary. He is a man of character. He knows how to manage people, but more than that, he knows how to take care of people. He will be a strong asset to any team, and I highly recommend him.”

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