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I'm Greg Younger, and I think I'm at least a little bit witty when I say that the most important part of my job is training prevention.

Greg Younger I follow that with, "You're asking for training. But you need performance. You need your people to do something something they haven't done before, or something they should do better than they're doing."

Of course, training may well be part of what they need. And where it's actually needed, count on me to make it efficient, effective, engaging, and economical. Count on me to design, develop, and deploy a smart learning blend.

I'll say it: I'm a true believer that the right application of technology has the power to make learning easier, better, more efficient and less expensive. So many cool tools to apply! But using them requires a smart LearningBlend.

There are tools that work just right for this learning task, and others that will be ideal for that performance need. Hi-tech and lo-tech. Big Education and bite-sized chunks of support. And just plain old people helping people - these can all be part of that blend, and none of them works perfectly in a vacuum. The right mix and intelligent application are key.

So please poke around my site. Get a taste for how I think about human performance and learning technology, then:

  • Contract with me to develop a custom LearningBlend for you.
  • Hire me to lead your evolving learning organization to optimize your learning blend.

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